Detailing Services

Look Sharp. Ride Sharp. Hunt & Fish Sharp.

Let's face it. It's a tough enviroment out there.

Over time, the elements and baking UV will take their toll on your boat's paint, aluminum, chrome, rubber and vinyl. With proper care, your boat will age gracefully. That means that it comes time to trade up, she'll hold her resale value.

Ludwig Marine has a professional, full-service, marine detailing crew that can take care of almost any boat anywhere. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced detailers will add sparkle to your boat - keeping her looking sharp and adding years of enjoyment. We know all the secrets and use only the best products. If you're serious about your hunting and fishing, this is as much of a necessity as a well cleaned shotgun or a well balanced rod and reel . Whether yours is a pontoon, bass boat or runabout, Ludwig Marine is your dependable solution for full-service boat detailing.



Get it looking brand new again. Just remember that when bringing your boat in for interior detailing, remove all your personal belongings so that it does not damaged. We'll clean under all the seats, in all the compartments and even the little nooks and crannies. We focus on disinfecting and removing all mold/mildew using chemicals that will get the job done while preserving the life of upholstery, vinyl and fabrics. It may not be new, but it will certainly look new.


The sun's UV rays are tough on gel-coats. Oxidation not only looks bad, it is bad for your boat's longevity. Ludwig Marine is your one-stop-shop for boat detailing and gel coat repair. We use only the highest quality commercial marine products, partnered with years of hands-on experience. We will clean and restore your boat's bright and polished appearance - removing oxidation without damaging her gel-coat. Make it a habit to wash your boat with fresh water after every run and maintain a periodic detailing schedule, in between visits to Ludwig and your rig will look sharp for years to come.


Pontoons get dirty when left in the water. Protect your boat's hull from damaging algae and other growth buildup which natually occurs over time from your boat being in the water. After she's all cleaned up, we'll perform a thorough toon inspection, examine her for stress fractures, and assess her overall condtion to make sure she's ready to go.


  • Concierge Pickup & Delivery from your home or dock (Call For Details)


  • Boat Striping & Decal Replacement
  • Replacing Old Accessories With New Stainless Steel Accessories
  • Bulb Replacement & LED Conversions For Interior & Navigation Lights
  • Electronic Equipment Replacement Including Full Stereo Replacement
  • Fishfinder, GPS, and Transducer Sales, Installation and Repairs
  • Marine Upholstery Repair
  • Carpet & Pontoon Furniture Upholstery Replacement
  • Custom Boat, Seat, & Console Covers
  • Custom Rigging
  • Top Fabrication & Aluminum Metal Work
  • Trolling Motors Installation & Repairs
  • Power Pole and Minn Kota Talon Sales, Service, and Repairs
  • Fuel System Inspection
  • Ethanol Evaluation
  • Bottom Paint
  • Mobile Repair Service
  • Utility Trailer Sales
  • Trailer Repair & Maintenance